Products Your Dog Will Love.

Help Rescue Animals.

Each item includes to a local animal shelter.

Products Your Dog Will Love.

Help Rescue Animals.

Each item includes to a local animal shelter.

Products Your Dog Will Love.

Help Rescue Animals.

Each item includes to a local animal shelter.

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Why should your purchase support shelters?

Shelters rely on donations.

Shelters survive off limited resources and are consistently looking for more effective ways to spread these resources to grow and help more animals. Donations can be use to help improve the quality of life for shelter animals. This is what we love to do.

Shelter conditions:

Shelters do there best to create the best environments for their animals, but sometimes they need help. Often times, the animals in the shelters are cold, bored, and get limited activity. Our donations are intended to help with these common issues.

What are you donating?


Small dog blankets will help a  shelter animal stay warm and of course they’ll feel the love of your special gift.


Slip leads are in high demand for shelters as they are essential for volunteers to take the animals for walks.


Rubber dog toys are perfect for the dogs because they are tough , but also because they get to play ball with potential adopters. 

This is why your donation is so important.

Without your purchase, our donations wouldn't be possible.

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Pick an item for your dog from our selection of products.

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Choose a gift to be sent to a local animal shelter.

3. Change

We'll send your donation to change the way shelter animals live.

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"Everything we've gotten from Bae Gives Back has been perfect. We love that we can shop for our big dog (Elmer- 65lbs), and our small dog (Vivi-9lbs)."

Bae's Big Dog Harness

Size: 2XL | Color: Camo


"As a dog walker and pet sitter, the 3 way nylon dog leash has allowed me to walk small dogs more efficiently on one lead."

Bae's 3 Dog Nylon Leash with Swivel

Color: Blue

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